What a Porn Reboot is Really About: Monday Motivation.

What a Porn Reboot is Really About: Monday Motivation.

What a Porn Reboot is Really About: Monday Motivation.

Stay motivated this week by remembering what a porn reboot is really about!
Let Dr. Trish Leigh tell you.

About this Porn Reboot Channel: Hi. I am Dr. Trish Leigh Leigh, a Cognitive Neuroscientist. I am on a mission to help people heal their brains from porn use. My videos are designed to help you learn that:
Porn Damages Your Brain, Mental and Physical Health, and Destroys Your Relationships.
1. Brain Shrinkage and Underactivity: It shrinks the size of your brain and decreases brain
activity, among other damaging effects. It is true! I wish it wasn’t, but it is true.
2. Porn is bad for your mental health. It creates more anxiety, depression, moodiness,
irritability, anger, and more.
3. Porn is proven to ruin your relationships. 2x as likely to break up and get divorced.

I would love for you to watch these videos to:
– Understand how porn is negatively impacting your brain, health, and life.
– Stop watching porn, which can be difficult due to its addictive nature.
– Heal your brain from porn use.

Every video has a strategy for you to use in your Porn Brain Reboot journey. So… watch the
videos until the END and start using the techniques to help you succeed. You can do it with the
right tools and support. That is why I am here. Go for it!
Want More Help?
I am here for you in more ways than just this channel. I have created 3 programs in 3 different
levels to provide you with the support that you need at a price you can afford.

Check out the programs below.

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As part of my mission, I have created a nonprofit organization Porn Brain reboot so that all of
your program purchases are a donation to the cause. I want to help you personally, and the world
globally, to leave porn behind and heal your brain.

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